RRR Tree Farm has been growing family traditions and Christmas trees for well over 20 years. Imagine how excited we were when the children of our customers started introducing us to their children, ensuring that the third generation would continue their traditions.

We have beautiful trees and we realize that many other farms do as well. But customers tell us that it's the Triple R experience that make our trees “the perfect Christmas tree”. One reason you will enjoy RRR is that we so thoroughly enjoy seeing our customers year after year. You become part of our family's tradition.

Many of our customers take advantage of the Christmas Tree Lodging Packages that we have arranged with High Country hotels, motels, inns, cabins, and bed and breakfasts. These packages are described under Accommodations and offer a wide range of experiences and cost. Each package includes the cost of your tree in the cost of the room.

The lodging experience often includes extended families and friends gathering at the same time and lodge each year to take advantage of many of the things there are to do in the mountains, including RRR Tree Farm. For example, one of our families comes annually with 30+ children, grand children, and great grands. We recommend the packages to you; they're Christmas fun.

Come as a Day Guest and pick your own Christmas Tree if for any reason you can't take advantage of the Packages. You can just drive up for the day; we don't want to miss you.

For more information please visit: Christmas Tree Packages and our Day Guest - Pick Your Own Christmas Tree Info.

We have, it seems forever, been providing trees, wreaths, and garland wholesale to scouts, churches, ball teams, etc., for fund raisers. We have a tradition of these groups coming to help get the trees out of the fields and loaded on the trucks. We've also helped many individuals who have want to start a Tree Lot .

Click on Wholesale Christmas Trees , Wreaths and Garland , and C hristmas Fundraiser Ideas for details.
Our dates of operation are:
Laurel Knob Farm

Nov. 21 - 23
Nov. 28 - 30
Dec. 6 - 7
Dec. 13 - 14

Nov. 21 - 22
Nov. 27 - 29
Dec. 4 - 6
Dec. 12
What about us?

We are frequently asked, “What does RRR stand for”. The answer is simply that RRR Tree Farm was taken as a dba by the three original founders, all of which had a name beginning with R: Glenn R. Howell, Reid Howell, and Red Alderman.
Guests who came during the early years fondly remember visiting with Mr. Glenn; after he got older he was usually found around the stove staying warm and sharing stories with the folk who didn’t feel like they could make the trip up the mountain. He and Miss Eula lived on the Todd Farm. Miss Eula could usually be found in the house fixing the next meal. We miss them.

Reid Howell is Glenn and Eula’s son and the owner the Todd Farm. Reid and his wife, Alice, live in Kernersville, but Reid comes to Todd almost every weekend. You’ll find him on the tractor ready to take you on a hayride.

Red Alderman has retired from the RRR Tree Farm.

When the popularity of the RRR Tree Farm grew to the point one farm couldn’t handle all the guests, we asked Wayne Phillips and the Laurel Knob Farm to join us. Wayne and his family provide the complete RRR experience on the Laurel Knob Farm.